Curry : What, Where & How?

The curry is mostly used in Indian food culture on various occasions. People from different parts of India, various places, communities used to prepare different types ehof curry. It could be for Vegetarian dish or Non-vegetarian dish. And also it is most loved by Indian people include curry in their daily meals. Usually curry is prepared with many combinations of herbs or spices and also including dried or fresh hot chillies. People use the term curry as it is generally inadequate to dishes prepared in a sauce. In Indian Subcontinent, curry powered can be prepared by using the spices of turmeric, cumin and coriander and other spices can also be included depending upon the geographic location and food (white/red meat, lentils, rice, fish)

The dishes with curry may also contain meat, fish, poultry and also a combination of different vegetables. Most vegetarian people love to eat curry made in different vegetables. We can prepare two types of curries: Dry Curry – Dry curries are cooked by adding some liquid to eat which gets evaporated and other ingredients gets coated with its mixture. Wet Curry – Wet curries are prepared by using gravy or sauce based on cream, yoghurt, coconut crème, dal, coconut milk. Curry was anglicised and implemented from the Tamil word “kari” means “sauce”, which is usually agreed to mean vegetables or meat cooked without a gravy or with spices.

Many dishes with highly spiced meat are originated in early historic times between the populations of Indus Valley Civilization. Black pepper is originated in south Asia and it is included in Indian food list since 2000. Now, it is become a part of one of the item of curry. Since 17th century, English Cuisine who started Anglo-Indian cooking style were also using to prepare curry and used to add cooked meats and bland boiled to it. In 1809, curry was first served as a dish in coffee houses in Britain and also become very popular in Britain. In 19th century, Indian Indentured workers from British sugar industry carried curry to Caribbean which then also became more famous. Since mid of 20th century, curries prepared by different nations, have become famous away from their origins which achieved its rank in international fusion cuisine.

Many parts of India Used to prepare curry with their different styles, some of them are explained as below:

Northern India:

Indian cuisine is very well known food culture which include curry as a most accepted part of it which is prepared by adding different items of meats, lentils and vegetables. The substances and the preparation style of curry varies depending upon particular region. Curry dishes are usually spicy and can be eaten with rice.

West Bengal and Bangladesh

Cuisine of west Bengal and Bangladesh includes curries prepared using fish and seafood. Many pappy seeds requires mustered oil to prepare it.



Guajarati’s love to prepare curry by using gravy based on coconut milk and butter milk. They use potatoes, bringals, tomatoes, corn kernels etc. They also used to prepare different types of kofta dishes using dry or wet curry.


Maharashtra people used to prepare very spicy curry which may include fish, chicken, mutton or it could be vegetarian. The Most well-known part of Kokan – where mostly coconut is used to prepare curry. In cuisine of vidarbh, Peanut powder is used to prepare curry and people of vidarbh love to eat very spicy curries. In Vidarbha, gram powder is also used as an ingredient to prepare curry. Shev Bhaji is most famous in Khandeshi Cuisine and other items also like, Bharleli Wangi, Wangyache Bhareet and Thecha Bhakari.



Punjabi Cuisine included mostly all the dishes prepared with curry. They used to make tadka using ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions, water and also milk.



Rajasthani people used to prepare food which last for many days and which could also be eaten without heating it. They usually use herbs and dry spices as a part for making food.


Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Here people who are speaking Telugu as a native language make the use of green chilli and red chilli to prepare various types of chutneys, curries and pickles which is very spicy in taste.

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